Thursday, March 8, 2007

Why a festival instead of a show?

Some people may wonder why people would drive, camp, eat out of a cooler, and just take the genuine effort required to do festivals. Why not just take in a show?

For sure, the festival as form cannot be for everyone, but to me, daytime music is invigorating in a way the evening shows cannot always replicate. For the serious fan--not just of certain bands but of the entire carnival that is popular music--sometimes two hours of sound cannot suffice. Yes, sometimes you need 10 hours of nonstop jams.

Then, even though we go to the circus that is the festival to see a few of our favorites, we inevitably get turned on to something new, something special, something we've never seen before and will hereafter obsess about.

Last year's Bonnaroo was just this kind of festival for me, and I fear it was the first of several 21st century festivals that I seek out like the morning cup of coffee fueling this post.

Friday in Florida will hopefully be filled with such discoveries as I wait for the Saturday sets that are my reason for the season.

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